The full-fledged partner in licensed welding

Our assignments include installations and licensed welding in a number of industries and facilities, not only in the local area, but both nationwide and internationally.

Vision & Business concept

”We are specialists in pipes, welding & installations where our experience makes us powerful”

Work with us

We need you for our organization!

We are constantly looking for talented and driven employees who want to work in a growing organization. Our workplace offers a dynamic and international work environment.

Our sustainability work

We protect our planet and all life on it, promote biodiversity and choose environmentally friendly suppliers with products that are recyclable and have a neutral or reduced climate footprint. We at SK Licenssvets strive for a continuous improvement in our environmental work to minimize the environmental impact of materials and services.

The well-being and well-fare of our employees is also of the utmost importance to us. Our employees must have the opportunity to influence their work environment or work situation and be involved in the important decisions made in the organization.


We value our customers. To work sustainably and form value-creating and healthy customer relationships, we work on the basis of core values ​​and codes of conduct. Our organization also maintains high standards in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

You can read more about our sustainability work here.