Working environment

We work for a business climate that reflects the equal rights and value of all people, where we advocate equality around diversity. It is important to treat each other with respect, show consideration and compassion regardless of nationality, gender, functionality, age and religion. Employees and employees must represent and reflect SK Licenssvet’s values ​​and constantly strive to work in accordance with our values.

In accordance with our personnel policy, we strive for a positive work environment where everyone should thrive and feel involved. We work with an understanding that one’s attitude affects not only oneself but also all colleagues. We believe that communication and an open dialogue with each other are important as the basis for good cooperation and a working climate. Our team has a lot of knowledge and experience. In our way of working, we have an attitude that everyone can learn from each other and that you never become perfect. SK Licenssvets strives to motivate employees who want to develop and expand their skills. As an employee, you are always expected to do your best and take responsibility and act in an exemplary manner towards both colleagues and customers. As an employee of SK Licenssvets, you represent the company when you are in service, where you stand behind our values, our values ​​and act in accordance with these.