Water & sewer

Purity is important and small contaminations can have major consequences. Therefore, it is important to have well-thought-out work methods, careful risk assessments, coordination and planning to eliminate the risks in the projects. Both our leading and executing staff have extensive experience of installation work in this area and we attach great importance to all staff having the experience and training required for the assignments.

Pipe installations 

We have carried out numerous installations for or connected to the handling of drinking water and wastewater. Here it can be installations that are for the purification or distribution process but also service systems in facilities such as compressed air or water systems.

We often work with stainless materials and almost exclusively with acid-resistant 316L. Because of the highly corrosive environment, you need materials that resist corrosion (rust).

SK Licenssvets – your pipe fitter for water & sewage

SK Licensvets is a committed partner who constantly works to be at the forefront of development. Our expertise in installations and the high demands we place on ourselves save time, money and the environment while guaranteeing a sustainable result.

We also make sure to be available to you throughout the journey, even beyond the installation for the service and maintenance that the water and sewer pipes need. We have the solutions in pipe contracting that are tailored to the area of ​​use and your needs.

Contact us for pipe contracting in water & sewage

Do you have any questions or concerns about our pipe installations in water and sewage? You are warmly welcome to contact us at SK Licenssvets, we are happy to help!