Skids and modules

At SK Licensvets we manufacture skids and modules in all their forms and in different materials. They can contain all or parts of a system for lift-in and connection at the customer’s place. A smart way to keep delivery times down and achieve the highest possible cost efficiency and quality level.

Examples of skids and modules that we manufacture

  • pipe system
  • pump skids for pressure increase, circulation and distribution
  • filter units for the purification or treatment of air and liquids
  • valve stations/valve packages
  • modules with tanks and vessels
  • modules for heat exchange
  • modules for loading and unloading products
  • fan frames/stands for offshore


Manufacturing takes place from finished documents, but we can also offer a complete solution. We have partners with expertise in various technical areas and industries.

You are most welcome to contact us if you have questions or concerns about our services and what we can help you with.