Power & heat

Within power and heat, we probably welded our first weld joint. Since then, we have been a loyal contractor to the Swedish and Nordic power and heat producing sectors.

Examples of facilities that we have worked with are:

  1. Smaller boiler plants that are used for minor areas and fewer consumers or just as a backup.
  2. Larger heating plants that supply larger areas and cities with hot water, and in many cases also electricity by sending steam through a turbine that drives a generator.

Steam is a common waste product in many factories and instead of releasing it into thin air, it can be used to create electricity!

Pipe installations & materials 

In this sector, alloyed materials are very common. In other words, materials that can withstand great stress from high pressures and temperatures. It requires that the welders have the experience and competence for a small error that can have a high economical impact. Our business has been designed according to these requirements and therefore we are used to always delivering high quality.

SK Licenssvets – your pipe fitter for power & heat

SK Licensvets is a committed partner who constantly works to be at the forefront of the development and promotion of smart and innovative solutions. We also make sure to be available to you throughout the journey, even beyond the installation for the service and maintenance that is needed.

We have the solutions in power and heat that are tailored to the area of ​​use and your needs. Our expertise in installations and the high demands we place on ourselves save time, money and the environment while guaranteeing a sustainable result.

Contact us for pipe contracting in power & heat

Do you have any questions or concerns about our pipe installations in power and heat? You are warmly welcome to contact us at SK Licenssvets, we are happy to help!