Service & repair work

SK Licenssvets performs service and repair work for a number of customers. The work can be about daily or interval-controlled service to service that is called in when needed. This usually takes place against framework agreements with agreed upon hourly or unit prices.

Service and repair work can be anything from a worn-out valve or pump that needs to be replaced to an emergency leak that needs to be repaired..

Some examples of the work we have done are:

  • Replacing loops in tube heat exchangers.
  • Overlay welding on shafts, grids, scrapers, ash / fuel screws, turbine housings,
  • Repair welding of wear damage to concrete pumping vehicles, buckets and
    tools for excavators and wheel loaders.
  • Replacement or reinforcement of casing plates on cisterns.
  • Replacement of used pumps, heat exchangers, valves and instruments.
  • Adaptation, alteration or reinforcement of steel structures.
  • Repair welding of one or another bicycle or antique to private individuals.

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